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Some examples only. No agenda, just e.g.s until site review completed

Athens, Plaka, 2005

Montmartre, rue Lepic. 24th July 2011

Nikon D700, 100mm

Between sessions , Henfield, November 2020

Nikon D850, Zeiss Tessar 50mm

Minolta/Rokkor 100mm. Digitized from FP4 in Tetenal (new formula, not the fine grain 80s solution!)


Seine, Paris

Metro, Paris

Hellifield Station, Midland Railway

Hampshire, July 2021

Chloe channelling Amelia Earhart

All I said was: stand there and waive at the train . . . . where do they learn it all!

Gerona, Old town 2018

Hellifield 2019

My only Marylin shot! Paris 2011 (don't write in, they were all part of my group!)

nr no. 6, ave Charles Floquet, near Tour Eiffel , Paris

Chloe channelling, well, Chloe!

Sisters, Corfe Castle 2021


She could giggle, but she couldn't smile!

She got the bottle, I remember

I know, I know, but this was 1968, a few months after the end of steam! Hellifield Midland closed platform, courtesy of a porter and his key! Praktica lV, Meyer 135 2.8, FP4

She hates that dress!

(More fun than the formal groups job!)

Natural light, Lakeside Station, Cumbria

Normandy, 2015

Hellifield 2021

Chloe doing her Suzi Wong. The black lips were for mono R25a shots