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Contact, Rates, Availability

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+44 7930 505474

Rates: £50/hr (negotiable or waived v.a.v. collaborations, travelling/subsistence).

Distance not usually a problem. Work sometimes in France from Normandy/Paris every few weeks, otherwise based in UK South East; occasionally work for days in the Midlands.

Calendar has no permanent/recurring non-available slots

Work is also viewable at: 


       on Modelfolio modelling site;


        on Instagram

Or (if you've arrived here by mistake) my writing site is:

'Alan Morrison-Topping'


'Naomi and Her Friends'


          and for Railfans/History buffs 1960s to date, see 'Collections' page above OR :

'Faster than Fairies'   

Now I use digital and/or analogue Leica, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, Bronica and sometimes Rolleicord or a Leidolf. In my early career had to make do with a Coronet Box, then a Penguin bellows before my first 35mm Halina 35X, and graduating through Mamiyas and Prakticas to Canon and Pentax Minolta and Bronica.

What I do is mostly represented in the various portfolio compilations. 

I've shot most things, only been frightened a couple of times: a long wheel-based French Gas Turbine Train on a tight curve foxed me when the near side buffer almost took out my Rolleicord (and me with it); there was a terrifying ground shot from the top of Dymchurch lighthouse's exterior rail, and recently when I had booked some simple head and ECU shots with a great girl who halfway through told me 'I really only do adult' and the shoot kind of went downhill from there!

Bridget Bardot, about 1959 - two years before I took my first photograph!

Happy to chat through any projects you may have in mind. I'm presently playing with homage/retro/repro of 50s/60s icons such as Audrey Hepburn and the 1959 Bridget Bardot pic above: model, found; wardobe, easy - yes even the petticoat; old fishing boat in the Med however, somewhat more difficult!

Preferences and etc? Really? Well all right: Blue, Italy, Capricorn, T.E. Lawrence, Eleanor Roosevelt, the 'Great Generation',  steam

Eleanor Roosevelt said that one's life is a message to everyone else, and that one should ensure it's worth listening to. I think of  pictures being a message, and hope mine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .